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You're not really a celebrity unless you've got a super dubious hippie dippy side hustle. We're talking stuff like fad diets, "nutritional" supplements, holy water enemas, a 48 DVD series on the healing magic of pennies, an ensorcelled amulet that scares the evil poltergeist out of your colon when you eat too many legumes, etc. Yes, Prada Cahier famous people will certainly bend over backwards to shill dumb crap. But what's surprising is how many of them drink their own snake oil. Here are some celebrities who believe in crackpottery so stupid that their health tips would cause an Ojai crystal healer to choke on their karma free granola.If you saw the (non Ashton Kutcher) biopic wherein Michael Fassbender as Jobs prepares for a presentation by doing said ablutions in the crapper, you probably assumed that was a bit of Hollywood hyperbole. But nope, it was simply Jobs' way of relieving stress. Combine this with his worrying aversion at wearing shoes, though, and we're guessing this habit wasn't very relaxing for Apple's janitors. Oh, but that was but the start of his hygienically questionable "eccentricity." Early in his career, Jobs' co workers were so disgusted at his perpetual stank that management transferred him to the night shift.It wasn't a passive aggressive thing either, as Jobs is said to have truly believed that if he ate only fruits, Celebrity Health Tips That Will Destroy Your Life Prada it would somehow leave his body "flushed of mucous," thereby eliminating any need to march his grimy ass into a shower. So if you think the "fruitarian" lifestyle will make you smell like a delicious smoothie as opposed to a rank bus station hobo, people who had the misfortune of spending lengthy periods in Jobs' presence will readily confirm that you are "very, very wrong."Shailene Woodley Worships The Sun With Her Hoo Hah,Shailene Woodley's model good looks, acting resume, and sunny disposition have made her a favorite of moviegoers the world over, discounting parents forced to sit through Divergent. Who knows how many more fans she'd have if everyone knew exactly how sunny she lets her disposition get.ot something most of us would ever consider emulating with our own kids, or even our parrots. Unless, of course, you're the actress who was America's sweetheart during the brief period between Clueless and Batman Robin, . She's apparently way into the upchuck school of child rearin', and we regret to inform you that we have the photos to prove it:. Shopping Prada With Wholesale Price: Tags: #yupoo #Prada #yupoo #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo watches #yupoo search #yupoo english #free vector