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Alaska had the most gun related deaths of any state in 2015. Now, like in every other state, most of those deaths were suicides, but as of this year, Alaska still has the worst violent crime rate in the country. Yet people don't seem afraid to go there. So what is causing all that Alaskan violence? We can't say conclusively, but the state is predominantly white and has the sixth highest poverty level in America, so it's hard to blame everything on dastardly non Caucasians. Maybe it's the fault of another thing that Alaska doesn't have: restrictions on guns. After all, remember Chicago? Yes, Chicago has tough gun laws that don't seem to be doing anything. But that's because most of the guns aren't acquired in Chicago at all, but instead come from neighboring states like Indiana, where it's a goddamn free for all. In fact, Pandora earring nearly 6 out of 10 guns recovered at Chicago crime scenes come from out of state dealers. It's hard to enforce gun control if criminals can simply drive 30 minutes and get a shotgun free with the purchase of a toaster oven.A small study of North Carolina parents showed that 99 percent reported having a smoke detector, but only 57 percent admitted to locking up guns so that kids couldn't get them. Additionally, 36 percent of those families admit they keep them loaded! Don't they read Chekhov in North Carolina? A much larger survey found that 54 percent of gun owners overall admitted that they did not store their guns safely. No gun safes, no cabinets, no trigger locks, not even a passive aggressive Post It note telling everyone not to touch their stuff. M. Schuppich/Adobe StockMaybe put a little more effort into keeping your kids out of your guns than your co workers out of your sack lunch.And in a bizarre twist, the gun owners least likely to secure their guns were the ones who stressed that they bought them for security purposes.These legal gun owners were also prime victims for robbery, supplying their neighborhood criminals and meth heads with exactly the kind of "illegal" hardware Fox News viewers keep complaining about. But when it comes to such thefts that have been reported, the FBI has noticed a steady uptick.Annenberg Public Policy Center"Hi, FBI? Someone stole 240,000 guns from me. Yes, I'm a lifetime NRA member, how did you know?"So the next time you see some insecure patriot walking around with a shotgun slung over their back, breathe a sigh of relief. Since 2014, you can now walk around in a Georgia airport with a loaded weapon. It's also now cool in Tennessee to carry a loaded gun in a car without a concealed carry permit, Realities Of Owning A Gun The Media Never Talks About pandora kind of thanks to Newtown. One guy tries to blow up a plane with a shoe, and we all have to take our shoes off for the TSA forever, but a dozen kids get mowed down by bullets, and Ohio makes it perfectly legal to conceal carry in daycare centers. But it's not all bad. In Oregon, it's now illegal to buy a gun if you have been convicted of stalking or domestic violence. Shopping Pandora With Wholesale Price: Tags: #Pandora #yupoo Pandora #yupoo #yupoo aliexpress #Yupoo shoes #shoes #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo search #yupoo english #free vector #yupoo new balance #yupoo air max